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The school has been progressing and showing better performance in academics, Games and other sport activities.

Delhi Public School is the only of its kind who teach not only special, but the students come together from the richest family as well as poorest, from the highly educated family as well as illiterate, sharp brain students as well as general school prejudicial discrimination in Education.

Classification of students is must but showing slackness attitude about low I.Q. students is against humanity. The school irrigates the ideology of education for all. The vision of promoters is to set up an academic institute of excellence that meets the need of the society and the nation. The School is running under the self financing scheme to provide comprehensive and innovative quality education.

About School System




The chief aims and objectives behind the establishment of the school is to build good power of the human mind and body, formation of character, culture, discipline, national integration, efficiency to overcome all types of challenges of the modern competitive society as well as to cultivate fully their God given potential and developing the best of Indian heritage.

The School has not been receiving any aid neither from the government nor any other sources except the Chief source of income is the fee. The School has a faculty of experienced and dedicated teachers from different part of the country such as Bihar, U.P. West Bengal, Orisha, Kerala. The School has co-education and stress the relevance of discipline and hard work of students. To follow written day wise lesson plan is must for teachers to test and see the progress of students and through proper teaching. Unplanned way of teaching generally proves fruitless because taught subjects are not revised and retrospect and as a result student feel problem to get command about these stagnation of ease helpful learning we follow new principles of educational research, educational technology, well known instructional designs, model teaching simulation, role playing, brain storming and so on. For better classroom management teachers use stimulus variation, set induction, reinforcement, integration, interrogation, different strategies of teaching learning process, different print and electronic multimedia application etc. The school tries to maximize students intellectual development with specific emphasis on preparation for further academic studies. A human climate exists in the school, which promotes students' self esteem. The school bears low charges and high responsibility as much as possible. The core subjects are English, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Social study, Science and Computer.